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What is the GRE?

The Graduate Record Examination, most commonly known as the GRE, is a standardized test mandatory for entrance into a Graduate School in the United States. The GRE tests your ability in math, vocabulary, and analytical writing skills. Regardless of your country of residence, if you want to pursue a graduate program in the US, you will have to take the test. If you are a citizen of Kuwait, you are considered an international student; there are several centers that provide GRE coaching in Kuwait. The test is available to take anytime throughout the year.

An Master degree can create a myriad of employment opportunities; recent statistics from The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (US), as well as the Bureau of Labor Statistics (US), demonstrate how education contributes to lower employment rates, and a higher earning potential.

Your choice to attend Graduate School is one that will secure a future with unlimited potential, and with high test scores, you broaden the scope of choices for entrance into one of the best Graduate Schools in the US.

The GRE test is not a one off test, if you don’t get the scores that you were hoping for, you can retake the test. Universities only have access to the scores that you send to them; therefore, the amount of times that you take the test will not have a negative effect on your admissions process.

The GRE comprises of essay questions, multiple choice questions and a general examination section.

Verbal: Your ability to evaluate and analyze written material. To comprehend the relationship between concepts and words, to evaluate the relationship between different sentences, and to understand the relationship between words and sentences, are all tested in this section. You are given 30 minutes to answer a selection of multiple choice questions.

Quantitative: Your ability to solve problems, to reason quantitatively, and to understand the key concepts in geometry, data analysis algebra and arithmetic are tested in the quantitative section. You are given 45 minutes to complete a selection of multiple choice questions.

Analytical writing: Your ability to analyze written information, to articulate sophisticated ideas clearly, to follow the order of the written English language, and to maintain a focused discussion are all tested during the analytical writing section.

You are given 45 minutes to answer the questions in this section.If you plan on majoring in a certain subject; for an additional fee, there are a range of supplementary exams that you can take such as: biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, physics, psychology, literature and chemistry.

There are several experimental questions that appear randomly throughout the test. These questions do not count towards your final score; they are used for consideration in future tests. The system will not alert you when you are answering these questions.

Your performance at the beginning of each section, will determine the level at which you proceed throughout the test. If your answers to the first questions are correct, the questions will get progressively harder. If you want to get a high GRE test score, aim for the more difficult questions. This will increase your chances of acceptance into a graduate school of your choice.

Scores: If you take the computer test, your scores are made available to you within 10 – 15 days of taking the test. Paper test results take longer to receive, and you will be looking at a wait time of approximately four to six weeks.

Regardless of how many times that you take the GRE examination, your scores are valid for up to five years from the test date.

Preparation for the GRE is essential; there are a range of centers that provide GRE coaching in Kuwait. Professionals at these institutions have been strategically trained to provide students with the best tools to maximize their potential. GRE coaching can be costly; however, you will see a return on your investment once your efforts have propelled you to the top of your career ladder.

Tips: Speak to people who have recently taken the test. Ask about their study methods and routine. They may have some hints and tricks that could increase your score.

When taking the test, do not leave out any questions. Marks are not deducted for wrong answers; therefore, when in doubt, guess.

GRE tests have grown in popularity over recent years; therefore, schedule your test well in advance to ensure that you get the test date and time that you desire.

You are the only person capable of improving your test score; therefore, make sure that you put your best efforts forward in studying to get the results that you want.

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