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Born and raised in Kuwait, but you have decided to continue your education in America, great move! Not only have you chosen to reside in a country that has the most social and political influence in the world, but the American economy is the foundation of the global financial system. So if you are fortunate enough to find a permanent job after graduation, with an MBA, you will have the potential to earn a substantial six figure income.

As a business school student in the United States, you will be exposed to the latest research, theories and business practices, under the tutelage of gurus in the business world. An MBA from one of America’s premier graduate schools will equip you to become an elite leader, and open doors of opportunity that may have been sealed shut had you not made the decision to further your education.

Before you start the application process, the first thing that you will need to do is take a standardized admissions exam known as the “Graduate Management Admissions Test.” (GMAT) There are test centres available all over the world, so taking the GMAT in Kuwait will not be a problem.

Due to the fact that English is not your native language, depending on the University that you are applying to, they may also require that you take the “Test of English as a Foreign Language” (TOEFL). Once you have your test scores to hand, you will be able to start looking for programs that will best suit your educational needs.

The application process is not a simple one, it can be complex, time consuming, and to some, very frustrating; therefore, be sure to use all the resources that are available to you to assist in making your application process as simple as possible.

There are hundreds of programs available to international students; however, if you want to reap the full benefits of gaining an MBA, you will need to consider your subject of concentration very carefully. We have narrowed down several areas of study, to provide a motivated and determined scholar from Kuwait with the best program choices that will propel you to the top of the corporate ladder.

Finance: Finance is often referred to as an “MBA heavy field.” Portfolio managers, and Financial Analysts, typically have an MBA or they are working towards one. If you want to carve a name for yourself in the finance industry, studying finance is a smart decision, with earning capabilities that are far above average.

Typical salaries for finance industry employees include:

- Finance director: $151,000

- Chief financial officer: $168,000

- Senior financial analyst: $85,000

International Business: With the rigorous pace of globalization, professionals who understand the inner workings of the global business market are in high demand. This demand has especially increased within US organizations, salaries fluctuate between industries, but they are typically on the high end of the pay scale.

Typical salaries for employees include:

- Operations director: $120,000

- IT project manager: $100,000

- Sales director: $137,000

Marketing: The marketing field does not require an MBA for entrance level employment. However, due to vacillation within the economy, it is becoming progressively commonplace for employees in this field to acquire an MBA in order to increase their demand within the employment market.

Typical salaries for employees include:

- Business development manager: $105,000

- Marketing manager: $102,000

- Marketing director: $133,000

Information Technology: Management positions within the technology field do not typically require an MBA qualification. Generally, those who move into technology management have expertise in other areas such as software engineering, development, or software architecture; and transition into management because of their broad technological understanding.

Employees within the technology field typically earn the following:

- IT project manager: $97,000

- Vice president of IT: $165,000

- IT director: $114,000

Accounting: If you are a number cruncher, then accounting is the degree for you. Pay ranges vary for those with an advanced degree depending on the field of expertise that you choose.

Typical salaries for employees include:

- Financial controller: $90,500

- Senior accountant: $60,000

- Chief financial officer: $125,000

Please bear in mind that these are not the only choices that are available to you, there are a myriad of course options to suit your needs. Therefore, it is advised that you conduct the necessary research to ensure that you make the best decision.

Don’t simply choose a course based on earning potential, if you do not have a passion for what you are studying, boredom will soon set in, and you may end up dropping out, or failing altogether. Studying in America is not cheap; so make sure that you are spending your money on something that you truly desire.

Gaining a postgraduate qualification, is single handedly one of the best investments that you can make for your future.

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