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Private Tutoring

Get private tutoring ANYWHERE and at ANYTIME

Get one on one coaching

Learn from top-notch instructors
Subject matter experts to help you learn new skills
Get a customized study plan 
Customized study plan by Instructor to meet your goals
Learn and see results
Finish the private tutoring with a tangible result. Acquire a new skill or improve your test score

You can get private tutoring in multiple subjects

Test Prep

How to Enroll

1 Register
Enter your information and choose the Private Tutoring subject on the form then click submit
2 Talk to Course Manager & Get Free Session
A Skilzi Course Manager will call you to answer any of your questions. You will then meet with the Instructor for one free session
3 Complete Registration
If you like our private tutoring offering, you can sign up for one of our packages. We will send you an invoice on your mobile or email to complete your registration
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