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Social Media Bootcamp

November 2016

Get an early bird discount of 15% if you complete your enrollment before 24th of November 2016.


Linking Social Media to your website.
  • Facebook Vocabulary

  • Facebook Page vs. Facebook Profile

  • Choosing the Correct Type of Page

  • Set Up Your Facebook Page

  • How to Write a Post

  • How to Promote Your Facebook Page

  • Adding Photos & videos to Your Page

  • Choosing the Right Facebook Cover Photo

  • You as Your Brand Page

  • How to Schedule Facebook Posts

  • Introduction to Facebook Insights

  • How to Show Up in the Facebook News Feed

  • How to Find the Best Time to Post on Facebook

  • How to Convert Your Facebook Profile to a Facebook Page

  • Common Facebook Mistakes to Avoid

  • How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Email List

  • Setting Up a Twitter Profile

  • A Simple Approach to Effectively Use Twitter

  • Twitter Search Basics

  • Who to Follow

  • Increase Your Twitter Following

  • How to Use Hashtags

  • Using Images on Twitter

  • How to Create Twitter Lists Step-by-Step

  • Twitter for Customer Service

  • Twitter for Brand Awareness

  • Twitter for Increasing Sales

  • How to Track Progress with Analytics

  • Common Twitter Mistakes

  • Getting Started on LinkedIn

  • Adding Connections on LinkedIn

  • Using LinkedIn Groups

  • Adding a Company to LinkedIn

  • Posting on LinkedIn Effectively

  • How to Build Authority on LinkedIn

  • How LinkedIn Can Help You Find Your Next Great Employee

  • Common LinkedIn Mistakes

  • An Introduction to Pinterest

  • Getting Started on Pinterest

  • How to Decide What to Pin

  • How to Create the Perfect Pin

  • How to Get Found on Pinterest

  • How to Promote Your Pinterest Page

  • How to Use Pinterest Analytics

  • Pinterest for B2B’s

  • Common Pinterest Mistakes

  • Pinterest Glossary

  • An Introduction to Instagram

  • Getting Started on Instagram

  • How to Increase Your Instagram Engagement

  • Instagram for Nonprofits  

  • Examples of Businesses on Instagram

  • Why Use Google+?

  • Getting Started On Google+

  • Google+ Profile, Page, and Local Listing

  • Google+ and SEO

  • How to Participate on a Google Hangout

  • Google+ for Marketing Consultants

  • How to Upload a YouTube Video

  • Getting Started on YouTube

  • How to Promote Your Videos

  • How to Embed a Video

  • Common Video Mistakes

  • YouTube Analytics

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Snapchat for Business

  • Creative Ideas for Using Snapchat to Market Your Business

  • Easy Ways Your Business Can Get Snapchat Followers

  • How to Master Your First Snapchat On-Demand Geofilter

  • Getting Started

  • Planning Your First Series of Blog Posts

  • Why You Need a Blog and Newsletter

  • Making Your Blog Engaging  

  • How to Promote Your Blog

  • How to Set Up Google Authorship

  • The Benefits of Guest Blogging

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